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Treehugger Australia is proud to represent and distribute products produced by industry leaders which provide a functional and ecological alternative for both retailers and consumers.


Matunas surf wax is the first and original eco surf wax. All natural, organic and offering superior performance. The Matunas range also includes 100% natural soy candles enhanced with enticing scents sourced from the family farm such as raspberry, honeysuckle, jasmine and coconut. 

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Since 1988, Matunas have been producing an organic surf wax from their 25 acre farm in Santa Cruz, California. Matunas is not a soy wax.

Ingredients are grown on the farm and are 100% natural. Their fragrances come from real strawberries, raspberries and jasmine flowers.

Matunas are proud to produce a product that works superior to the paraffin and chemical waxes out there on the market without any nasties.

Etiko's ambition is to do as much good as possible, not to 'do no harm' and simply 'be a responsible purchaser’. Etiko’s engagement with fair trade certified suppliers means we are working with raw material and factory suppliers who are investing in the economic and social development of farmers and workers. Producing Etiko garments, footwear and sports balls is a vehicle for these people to lift themselves out of poverty and create a better life for themselves and their community. That is why we are in business.


Change Climate has successfully patented and commercialised a low-VOC, BPA free Bio-Epoxy Resin from waste by-products produced during refining processes in most heavy industries across the globe. This includes sustainable palm oil, for which CC will only partner with organisations signed to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil's (RSPO) certification system. Our Bio-Epoxy is now ready for sale and early market feedback has been exceptional. In addition to our formulation CC has ongoing research with BPPT to develop a Bio-Refinery. As Indonesia’s top research body, BPPT has built and operate a Bio-Diesel plant on their 650ha research facility in the heart of Jakarta. BPPT Bio-Technology researchers have successfully engineered Bio-composite materials to rival carbon fibre and timber for use in the automotive and construction industry from suspending waste organic fibre by-products from the production of Bio-Diesel in Bio-Epoxy; an alternative timber & alternative composite board superior to MDF. 

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